Internet, Wifi, Hotspot, & Satellite Rentals
Wifi is such an important part of any conference, meeting, trade show, or any other event! It's almost a requirement
now for attendees to have access to the Internet! APAV can provide your conference and attendees the High
Speed Internet they need to get work done! We can offer hot spot rentals, wifi rentals, satellite rentals, and any
other high speed Internet needed for your conference, meeting, or trade show!

It's important to know the amount of users that will be connecting, the area you need the wifi, what kind of
browsing or downloading/uploading will be done (how much data will be used), and how many days you will need
the hot spot rentals, in order to supply you with an accurate quote.

Remember, we are a Full Service Audio Visual Production Company. We can provide on-site technicians to assist
in the setup, breakdown, or operations of the equipment.  Feel free to give us a call for a quote!
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