Projector Screen Rental

The Projectors Screens below are great for small and large business meetings, and conferences. We offer four various styles, with various sizes for each style. The larger the screen, the brighter the projector will need to be. The smaller the group, the lower the level of brightness required from the projector. If you have any problems choosing a projector screen, give us a call and we would be more than happy to help!

Remember, we are a Full Service Audio Visual Production Company. We can provide on-site technicians to assist in the setup, breakdown, or operations of the equipment. Feel free to give us a call for a quote!

Tripod Screen

The tripod screen is great for the small to medium size conferences and meetings. These screens can be more informal than other styles, but they still look great with the black skirt. They are height adjustable to fit your needs. Easy to setup. There are two size screens for this style.

Up to 30lbs.

6' x 6'
Day Rate: $Call
Weekly Rate: $Call

8' x 8'
Day Rate: $Call
Weekly Rate: $Call

All Pro Audio Visual, LLC
All Pro Audio Visual, LLC

Fast Fold Screen

4:3 Format Fast Folds Sizes Available:
6' x 8'
7.5' x 10'
9' x 12'
10.5' x 14'
12 x 16

16:9 Format Fast Fold Sizes Available:
7' x 12'
9' x 16'
10' x 17'
Call for Larger Sizes!

3:1 Format Fast Fold Sizes Available:
9' x 27'
10' x 30'